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Knowledge is only Cumulative if you Accumulate it

Why bitcoins?

One Example Bitcoin Trade:

May 2012, BUY Bitcoin @ $3


total return:     +7000%  or

A $10,000 investment paid $750,000

A $100 investment paid $7,500

Currency is like the internet: useful when not controlled by a central agency.  Like a video game, we allow convicted criminals to create money for their friends and family by typing “print” on the computer.

Bitcoin is the best version of internet money in use around the world, with no king or banker in charge.  I’ll support the protocol as long as it remains the best choice.

My bitcoin wallet ID:  1NtAv9sa53n8pTYbmWtC3pSEDUHuejkjp5

To see what a bitcoin is worth, click below: